In recent years, mainstream media has made independent music popular. Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music provide many songs from interesting indie musicians. Glacer FM showcases unsigned and independent musicians worldwide.

What Is Indie Music?

Indie music is created by independent artists who are not affiliated with any of the major record labels in the music industry. Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, and Universal Music Group, together with their subsidiaries, control 80% of the music market. Without the assistance of a record label, it was often difficult for an artist to create a hit single or advance their career.

Thanks to social media and technological advancements. Independent artists can choose their own style, create art, direct their own videos, and find success without the help of a major record label.

To get heard, most successful independent artists who defined the sound and set standards for current indie artists signed with major labels. It begs the question of whether they are still indie artists, or if the music they produce is indie music.

Which Indie Artists Should You Look Out For?

Indie music is considered unique due to its DIY and low-budget nature. Artists’ music is gritty and quirky because of their independence. Indie music, which is more of a sound than a genre, includes:

  1. Indie pop
  2. Indie rock
  3. Indie rap
  4. Indie electronic
  5. Indie folk
  6. Dream pop
  7. Chamber pop

Several new underground indie artists have various streaming platforms with their tracks and albums this year. You may be spoiled when it comes to selecting your favorite independent artist from the options available.

Glacer FM gives independent artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and be heard by our global audience. There are both successful independent artists and up-and-coming artists in the music industry. Here are some of our favorite emerging stars:

  1. Jo Wymer

Jo Wymer, a Grammy Award nominee, Navy veteran, and mother, has made music for over 20 years. One of the best jazz/blues vocalists in the US, she has hundreds of songs in Americana and Blues Rock. Jo has played with The Snl Band and opened for Joan Osborne, Martin Short, Jeffrey Gaines, Jake and Nick Clemons, The Black Keys, Bob Burger, Glen Burtnik, and Norah Jones.

“This Ain’t Love” topped the Glacer Music Charts for six weeks and received the Listeners Choice Award for “Best Rock Song” in 2021. “Dark Secrets” helped her win “Artist Of The Year” again in 2022.

  1. Pink Pantheress

The Bath, England, artist’s first mixtape and viral TikTok moments made her famous in 2021. She earned the BBC Sound of ’22 while remaining anonymous.

In the last year, she has established a unique sound that blends house, R&B, sampling, and songwriting. She is a rising talent with two UK Top 40 hits.

  1. ZacTheLocust

UK punk rock band ZacTheLocust from South Wales. Keryn Isaac on the vocals and guitar, Archie Holland who is lead guitarist, Robert Baulch on the bass and Ashley Turner who play the drums and sings as well. Keryn signed ZacTheLocust to SWND Records in early 2021. SWND released an album in October 2021. The 10-track Pop Punk CD “Years In the Making” included songs written almost 20 years ago. Redrocks Studios mixed and mastered it.

“Lazy Days” was published in July 2022. Nick Lloyd recorded, mixed, and mastered. ZacTheLocust enters Unit 13 Studios in Tredegar, South Wales, in December 2023. Re-recording old songs and new ones. “This Is My Life” won the 2022 Glacer FM Listeners Choice Award for “Best Rock Song.”

  1. Dossi

Cleveland, Ohio’s Ashley Minor, known as Dossi, is a singer-songwriter-recording artist. From 2015 through 2020, she provided backup vocals for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame soul group The O’Jays in concerts, tours, album sessions, commercials, and television appearances. She has performed with almost every R&B star, from Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, and The Isley Brothers to Brandy, Jennifer Hudson, and Fantasia. Dossi has performed in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Seattle, Washington D.C., Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, and Denver. Her original song “I Want You” received Glacer FM’s Listeners Choice Award for “Song Of The Year 2022” and she has performed in Paris, Amsterdam, England, Canada, and the Caribbean.

  1. Crashed Out

Crashed Out won a Listeners Choice Award for “Best Metal Song” on Glacer FM but their amazing musical journey dates back to 1995 from their first three self released albums ‘This Is Our Music’, ‘Here Now & Real’ and the third one ‘Back For More’ in 2001. Touring extensively through the UK and Europe, the boys looked back with their ‘best of’ album ‘Working Class Aggression’ that included tracks from their first three albums as well as unreleased tracks. in 2003. They have released albums such as “Crash & Burn”, “Against all odds” and eventually “Demons Run Amok records” in 2022.

  1. Kaysha Louvain

UK pop singer Kaysha Louvain is from South Wales. Her 2001 album was inspired by Welsh roots and 80s and 90s pop. Their single “Summer Lovers” was broadcast on Jess T on Country Radio and entered the Top 50 on the Glacer Music Charts the same year launching her career.

Her top songs include, “The Crown,” “The Song Goes On,” “Run To You,” “Encore Madam,” “Humble,” “Freedom,” “Nobody Does It Like Me,” “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Mary Did You Know,” and “Someone Somewhere”. Her latest single titled, “Home,” was nominated for “Best Country Song” and is featured on Glacer FM.

  1. Wallice

Wallice writes relatable music about betrayal, self-doubt, tense relationships, and growing pains that she has experienced throughout her life. She has achieved a feat of success after dropping out of school and feeling like a failure, something she talks about in her song “23”.

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The internet enables artists to create and market records to the general public even establish their own record label and promote their work. Streaming services provide the average listener with access allowing indie music to gain popularity.

Without a record deal with a major label, independent artists find it difficult to reach their listeners through radio stations. Glacer FM gives unsigned and independent singers a platform to showcase their talents and have their music played.

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