About Us

Glacer FM is the The #1 Global Internet Radio Station focusing on Unsigned and Independent Music in all genres. We engage an audience of music enthusiasts with diverse music coverage for the digital age. We Focus mainly on your artists and song requests. Our content and programming selections are entirely based on listener request. Please, Contact Us with your thoughts, comments and ideas.

Genaral Manager: ROCKWELL SMITH
Email: administrator@glacerfm.com

Music Director: YVANA FLOYD
Email: yvana@glacerfm.co­m

Technical Director: MELOVAH SHANTEL
Email: melovahshantel@glace­rfm.com

Project Consultant: ASSONGWE CLINTON FRU
Email: assongwe@glacerfm.co­m

Social Media Manager: GERADIN GNOTUE FOTSO
Email: geradin@glacerfm.com

Talent Scout: VON
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