Point Blank

As part of Glacer FM’s quest for news, Lynne Taylor does whistleblowing reporting on the corruption and crimes being visited upon families in the name of education. The host of Point Blank on Catching Fire News, interviews guests each week to help her expose the issues plaguing our classrooms.

DJ Mark & DJ Wayne, The Mark & Wayne Show

The Mark & Wayne Show

Only on weekends! Your favorite radio DJs bring out the energy in independent music right through your speakers. This show seeks to really delve deep into the underground music scene and showcase upcoming artists in all music genres worldwide. It LIVE airs every Friday and Sunday on Glacer FM at exactly 10:15 pm EST

Herself Expression, Beverly Price

Her Self Expression

Her Self Expression is a podcast hosted by Beverly Price and dedicated to helping women on their journey from self-expression to beauty, and confidence to self-empowerment. Her goal is to help women feel empowered, confident, and excited about the prospects of changing for the better.

The Indie Wave Podcast

A show dedicated to promoting the indie music industry by featuring interviews with artists and their music in a conversational format on a weekly basis.

The Sheep Laughs Comedy

Your number one source for Christian stand-up, skits and songs, all under one hoof! The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is a 15 minute professionally produced family-friendly variety radio show, featuring clean comedy by Christian comedians. The Show is produced by the creator of lots of favorite plays and skits, Frederick Passmore.     

Scott, NNF Podcast

No New Friends

The Podcast for adults who love to laugh at adulting. Join Scott, Mary and Chris as they discuss their own experiences on adulting fails, parenting fails, work fails, and any other possible fails as well as ones others may have had.

Wendell’s World and Sports

Wendell’s World and Sports is sports talk show that takes a unique, passionate and entertaining perspective into the world of sports. Hosted by long time radio broadcaster Wendell Wallace, this podcast is designed to entertain your mind, senses and soul with an informative, enjoyable, thought provoking look into the world of sports.

Don't Speak Defeat To Me

Don’t Speak Defeat To Me Podcast was created to help young men and women thrive in every area of their life. The show is centered on self-improvement and self-introspection plus biblical scriptures that strengthen the topic of the day.

Mychelen Skinner, Tell Your Friends

Tell Your Friends!

A show dissecting the foundation and hoping to create a  better future for the young people. Mychelen Skinner addresses negative issues affecting the American communiy

Ithihasa India History

Welcome to Ithihasa, an Indic History Podcast that explores India’s past. This podcast will unfold in seasons. Each season will go in depth into different periods of India’s history. We will kickoff the show with the first season on the mighty Vijayanagara Empire and follow it up other exciting eras and empires that have lasting impact on the India we know today.

Our Naija Narrative

My name is Juliet Leuna-Obioha, a passionate Nigerian and proud African. I am a Finance Professional, Lecturer, Global Citizen Youth Advocate and Podcaster. On the Juliet Leuna Podcast which can easily be termed (my naija narrative), I interview people to talk about their stories, experiences and fascinating thoughts on aspects of Nigeria. I believe so much in the potential for greatness in Africa if our resources are put to good use.

Stuck In The Middle

Stuck In The Middle is the only show that chooses not to choose sides. A talk show for those, well, stuck in the middle. Sometimes, you just see both sides. This is not just a political show. We are so much more. Covering pretty much everything from News, Entertainment, Games and Pop-Culture with humor injected blah blah blah blah blah. 

Couples Couch Talk

We’re having random conversations about life, love, marriage, children, relationships, family, conspiracy theories, and much more.


A podcast that discusses what it is like being a young Christian and how to deal with life’s ups and downs. They also focus on how to overcome adversity sharing our walk with Christ as we hope to help the next person along the way. Overall a fun, inspirational, uplifting and upbeat podcast.


Our show details the lives of two-middle aged dads and the experiences they have in life that everyone can relate to. Also, we have an insight to all current topics and at times. Mostly, we give a break from reality for people.

The Nonidentity

 Matt Power finally tells us his inspiration story, a story he has had to kept hidden from the industry he loves! Join the Nonidentity Podcast as we hear amazing and inspiring stories from people just like you. To be a guest just contact Lee.


The Level Up Podcast is based around bringing our core values to life such as Passion, Forward Thinking, Service Mindset, Growth Mindset, Humility, and Abundance Mindset

Poland, Editor Knows Best

Editor Knows Best

Editor Knows Best highlights editing and writing topics. The podcast is a one-stop shop for book writing, manuscript, and editing information. International authors, storytellers, publishers, poets, and more chat with the host CaTyra.  CaTyra is the CEO of Love for Words which is an editing boutique for authors and writers

The Graveyard Shift Horror

A weekly horror discussion podcast where an audience suggested horror film gets dissected into the good, the bad, and anything else we find fun or relevant. From intros, anecdotes, the kill of the week and the occasion deleted scene, we keep the horror hilarity happening.

Doctor Who's collection

Doctor Who’s collection is a set of audio stories through time and space with the Doctor and his Companions!

Tell Your Friends!

The World deserves a podcast that speaks a language we can all understand. The crypto nightly news is a show that educates an American  audience about the dynamic world of Crypto currency, web3, Metaverse and NFTs.