Our team is accepting fresh podcasts/shows to promote on GLACER FM’s indie channel (GLACER UNDERGROUND).
Do you make compelling podcasts/shows for an audience on-the-go? We are airing on all topics i.e news, talk, sports, music, comedy, entertainment or whatever. 
This service features your show/podcast on the homepages of all our stations/music channels making them accessible (On Demand) by listeners 24/7 and our Podcasts & Shows page (https://www.glacerfm.com/podcasts-shows/). One episode of your podcast/show also gets aired LIVE on a specific day and time slot
 There are also plenty of areas for you to make money with your show. You can do short commercials during the show as well as interviews with advertisers, personalities and brands. Friends of the Show which is a short description of the sponsor and a link to their website or event, Sponsored by which is a picture of your sponsor/logo and a link to their website or event and more.
To get started, you would need to pre-record and send us a 30 minute or 1 hour podcast/show in mp3 format weekly,monthly or every two weeks. We also require additional information about the show i.e description, pictures, links…etc that will be featured on all “On Demand” sections.
Once your podcast/show has been added and setup, you will receive a confirmation from the programming department. An announcement will also be placed in the superheader section of the site to inform listeners on broadcast times for your show/podcast
Every show/podcast submitted will be featured on all our webpages and aired LIVE on the indie channel(GLACER UNDERGROUND), however, all submissions still have to go through a screening process by our team of professionals before they can be aired LIVE  on our main and genre specific channels. 
Note that if your show gets selected by our review team, your show will be permanently added in rotation on the LIVE broadcast  of the main station/channels at no additional cost. 
– One episode of the  podcast/show for the LIVE broadcast  should emailed to us weekly, every two weeks or monthly
– Podcast/show should be pre-recorded and sent to us in mp3 format 
– Insert a Glacer FM name drop into each podcast/show episode you are sending to us weekly for rotation on the LIVE broadcast
– Podcasts/shows can be of any length as they will get featured on all (on demand  sections) where they can be accessed 24/7. However, episodes sent to us weeky for the LIVEbroadcast stream should be maximum one hour. 
– Any content in your Podcast or Show needs to be royalty free. If it’s music being used, then permission must be obtained from the original creator that it can be played royalty free.
– Promote your shows weekly through your email lists and social media pages

Select an option that best suits your needs
Option 1:
Your Podcast/Show on GLACER UNDERGROUND for 6 months
Option 2:
Your Podcast/Show on GLACER UNDERGROUND for 12 months

Glacer Underground Podcasts Or Shows
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