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Comprised of local New Yorkers from Queens and Long Island:

Dylan Trif, 16 (Lead Vocals), Charlie LoMonaco, 18 (Guitar/ Background Vocals), John Devito, 19 (Bass), Ben Bustamante, 17 (Drums/ Background Vocals), and Brendan Sandhovel, 17 (Rhythm Guitar).

Charlie, Ben and John began playing music together at an early age through a local music school. Years later they connected with Dylan and Brendan and formed what is now SAMSARA.

Growing up on all things music, SAMSARA. draws influence from several styles including grunge, funk, metal and alternative.

With countless hours of practice and rehearsal, the teens of SAMSARA. write their own music and have received praise from the music community. They impress both the younger and older listener with their sound.

SAMSARA's debut single, "NEVERMIND" has gained attention and helped earn the band respect of being taken seriously despite their age.

"PARALYZED IN PARADISE", the band's first EP, is out now and available wherever you stream your music.

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