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Kaleb McIntire’s sound can be described as good, old-fashioned country hillbilly music infused with rock n’ roll. Utilizing a natural, country baritone inflection, he sings from the heart about a wide range of topics and personal experiences. Some of his earliest hits include the anthem “Redneck in All of Us”, Elvis-inspired “Uh-huh”, and the emotion-driven country ballad “Love Song”. Many of Kaleb’s songs have made it into the top-10 on country music charts in both Texas and parts of Europe, while “Redneck in All of Us” appeared in the top 30 nationally.
From a very young age, Kaleb has dedicated much of his time to learning and perfecting his craft. After learning to play piano at 6 years old, he decided he would rather concentrate on mastering the drums and guitar and has never looked back.

While growing up, Kaleb had a reputation for being a little bit rowdy and getting into some trouble. Although he still has bouts with some of his old demons on occasion, he has learned from his youthful indiscretions and everyone who knows him will tell you he has a big heart and is as loyal as they come. After graduating high school, Kaleb worked on a drill rig for a couple of years before becoming a security expert for acts such as Ted Nugent and Jesse James Dupree.

Some of Kaleb’s biggest musical influences include David Allan Coe, Waylon Jennings, and Elvis Presley, but he also has a deep appreciation for certain hard rock and metal bands such as Pantera and Ted Nugent. Another major influence is Kaleb’s father who is an accomplished musician in his own right. Kaleb started out playing gospel music in churches as a child and still incorporates some of those themes into his music today.

Kaleb currently lives on a farm outside of Dallas with his wife, Katie, their two dogs, Big Bad John and Duke, and their pet duck, Merle Quackgard. He tours across all parts of Texas with his band and has completed multiple tours throughout Europe where he has amassed a large following. Kaleb and the other seasoned professionals in his band are known for putting on electrifying performances which energize the crowds they’re playing for. After close to a decade of putting on shows, The Kaleb McIntire Band sounds better than ever. Kaleb’s sound has evolved over the years he has entered with his latest EP which features the title track “Still Some Kind of Crazy” and includes the songs “Lay Your Love on Me”, “Ain’t a Honky Tonk in Texas”, and “Redman’s Revenge”. He is currently writing his next EP which is scheduled to be released in early 2021

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