What is fascinating about this new world is that it is a world for creators. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of opportunities for individuals to express themselves and be heard. Independent artists can make compelling music videos and enhance their music careers.

These artists do not have to wait for help from a record label and can start to create momentum by expressing themselves and fine-tuning their craft. Thankfully, the music industry is expanding due to mediums that range from YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and even TikTok.

We certainly may have missed other platforms, as more platforms can come about and contribute to the music industry. It can certainly be hard to keep up with the pace of innovation that is present within the music industry today.

At the same time, technology does bring about a double-edged sword. It can provide an immense amount of value but it also means that there are a wide variety of people that are also thinking and acting in the same way.

That is why the trope remains the same even today, struggling music artists are a dime a dozen, and the ultimate dream for most of them is to finally break into the music industry or make a living from music.

The attainment of these goals typically requires a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. Of course, there is quite a bit of other aspects that artists have to think about as they approach the music industry. These elements may range from talent to affability and other nuances that record labels would be aware of due to their experience.

Contrary to what most people think, luck has very little or nothing to do with success in the industry. There are things an unsigned musician could do that could ultimately improve their music careers, just like there are actions that could end your music career before it even began.

Tips for Improving Your Unsigned Music Career

If you dream of one day giving up your day job and having a sustainable music career, here are a couple of things to do to improve your career.

Don’t Sign an Exclusive Contract

To succeed as an unsigned musician, do not let anyone persuade you into signing an exclusive contract. Only accept to work with people who are bringing some sort of value to the table and every moment and once they are no longer working in your best interest, move on. The best way to do this is by allowing the agents and managers to come to you with their deals and offers rather you going in search of them. Then, when they come to you, you hold the upper hand in negotiation.

To get people to come to you, invest your time creating valuable content, and create a mutually beneficial relationship with more significant platforms that can help you promote your content. Thanks to the internet, creating online content is a more likely way to reach a large audience than playing live shows; so even when you play live shows, record some content for the internet. With online content, you’re able to reach fans across all demographics and not just in your local area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Little Steps

There’s more than one way to build a music career, so never just sit and wait for your big break. A slow and steady approach finally wins the race when it comes to your unsigned music career. Consider each small step a building block to your ultimate success. Every small show could be a stepping stone to a bigger show.

Tap Into The Existing Pop Culture

Many artists may frown at the idea of following the trend, but one must realize that most people tend to listen to sounds that are already popular. There will still be time to create your original sounds after you get recognized, but the goal, for now, is to get more people listening to you. A great way to do this is to collaborate with artists who create music that does not sound too similar to yours.

Focus on Building Fan Relationships

As opposed to chasing after labels for a record deal, you could spend your time building a great relationship with your fans.

Unfortunately, online you’ll find many unsigned music artists who are too busy to respond to fans because they spend most of their time focusing on getting attention from record labels. It’s almost as rude to ignore your fans on the internet as it is to ignore them in real life.

Granted, it’s often impossible to respond to every single comment on your page, but it’s never a bad idea to stick around and respond to the first few that come in after every post. Gone are the days when artists could make more by remaining mysterious.

Now even the world’s most popular artists make efforts to cultivate great and beneficial relationships with fans because fans hold a lot of power. In addition, some artists who have a good relationship with their fan base could use platforms such as Patreon to receive financial support from fans when they need it.

Unsigned Artists Can Get a Booking Agent

As an unsigned artist, you can get by without a manager, but there’s not too much you can do without a booking agent. Agents help improve your overall credibility, get you more gigs and manage the dates and times of these gigs so that you don’t miss them. Good agents also do an excellent job of getting your name out there.

The truth is that working with professionals in the music industry will provide quite a bit of yield and return on your time and investments. These professionals understand the music industry and know how to navigate the situation. They could also have relationships with record labels and would understand how Apple Music and other streaming sites interact with artists.

If you are an independent artist, you want to think about your music fans, songwriting, and your creative process. You do not want to spend time thinking about other aspects like music distribution, how to promote your music, and other elements of becoming a successful artist.

It is best to have ties to the music industry to be on the radio stations that will promote your music and help you to reach more wonderful fans.

Know When to Get a Lawyer to Work Smart and Obtain More Control

Lawyers are just as important as agents when it comes to the development of your music career. Without a lawyer on your team, you’ll become an easy target for those looking to take advantage of unsigned artists. Having legal representation also improves your credibility.

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