Brief info

Uncle Watson's Widow is a heavy blues rock band from Winston-Salem, North Carolina in the United States. The band is composed of Jon Epstein who is the Lead Bassist/Guitarist, Bekkah Moss on the Vocals, Steve Jones on vocals, guitar/bass plus Matt D'Amico on the Drums and Steve Mowery on the keyboards/bass as well.
One of the thing that make their band stand out as exceptional is the use of an extended range of guitars, baritone, mando-instruments plus Nashville tunings and this has attracted many reactions from their fans as well as music lovers all around the globe.

A few reactions are:
- "Uncle Watson's Widow is a tsunami through the normally still
waters of blues and rock. Southern Rock may never be the same."
By Classic Rock Magazine
- "Uncle Watson's Widow is some of the most creative
and exciting work that has appeared on either side
of the Atlantic in Years."
By Paul Stewart, PaisleyFM. Scotland
"There is HUGE potential for Uncle Watson's Widow."
By Blues Matters! Magazine

Uncle Watson's Widow is one to discover and regarding their success, the Lead Bassist/Guitarist, Jon Epstein said “Bands that happen organically are inevitably better than bands that you just put together”.