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Simon Andersson is a hypertalented songwriter, producer and an award-winning artist from Malmö, Sweden. With music influences that span from the early days of rock ’n’ roll to the contemporary music scene, he’s evolved into a musical powerhouse.
At age eleven, Simon made his first appearance on national TV and held his first award at age thirteen. After high school he later graduated from Malmo Music Academy and attended the music producer program wanting nothing short of a professional career. This led to him - a few years later in 2013 -walking off the Fonda theatre stage in Hollywood as the winner of” Best Song of The Year”.
The win didn't go by unnoticed, and Simon soon found himself performing live on American TV, breaking the top 80 on Music Row’s Break-out Chart and participating at the CMA Festival two years in a row.
In 2019, Simon teamed up with different artists and DJ's to explore uncharted territory and looking for new sounds. His musical background and instrumental skills lay a solid foundation for a music journey that has just begun.

Here's what Simon Andersson had to say about his new single

When people heard the song that knew about the festival and my own musical career that somewhat failed some years ago in the US (for reasons I couldn't control) and the struggle - sometimes difficult struggles - that has been over the years they said:
"This song should be the official soundtrack of your festival Simon. A celebration that you didn't quit, and that hard work pays off. That's very inspiring."
I didn't make that connection myself, see it that way, nor did I plan it. But that's what they felt.
I haven't released anything in a long time.
Most people (including myself) always have great expectations with a new release. I don't with this one. I'm just proud of it.
I think it turned out great. I thank everyone involved who has been a part of the journey so far. I thank everyone who is involved in creating South Ocean Festival with me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
On July 8th I will enter the Main Stage at 14.00 (2 P.M) with these amazing cats Christoffer Olsson Segerberg, Tomas Pettersson, Per Henry Levi Knagg and Magnus Nörrenberg (Dr. Schmutz). We open for Father John Misty, Dina Ögon band , Albin Lee Meldau and Florence + The Machine. What a day.
Enjoy the Try. Hope you like it.
Whatever is on your mind or wherever you're going, remember this:
"When you believe it, you can find a way and you will never be alone. Can you see it? You're standing on the edge and all you got to do is try" (lyric in the pre chorus)


Simon is an artist who makes music that defies all expectations and genre boundaries. From the punchy energy of rock down to the melodies of pop, anything goes! What makes Simon special is that he has found a way to combine all of these songs in ways that don't sound like mismatched genres clashing together but more like a unique formula - something new coming out of the synergy of the different elements at play. The artist's most recent studio work, "Try," is a striking example.

Overall, the song has a smooth, understated quality to it, with the lush melodies merging with the hopeful lyrics. Simon's vocals and the beautiful artwork image convey a sense of hope and motivation, as this song offers a very positive message. At times, life can be challenging, and our struggles might seem insurmountable; but all we have to do is…try!

Sonically, "Try" is a perfect example of the artist's creative vision and musical aesthetics, really hitting the mark with a fantastic tone and a huge-sounding production. The mix is warm and balanced, allowing each element to sit in its right space and letting the vocals stand out in a very pleasing way. The first thing that you'll notice is the dreamy, all-embracing sound of the piano in the intro. It adds a mellow quality to the song, and it also adds a nice contrast with the louder, rocking choruses, where the guitars jump out to the forefront. The proverbial cherry on top is Simon's vocals, which are very soothing but also energetic, offering a wonderful dynamic range that matches the track. Clocking in at 3 minutes and 30 seconds, this song has something to offer to fans of pop and rock alike.

This release is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Francis Moon, as well as The Fray, Coldplay, and Lewis Capaldi, only to mention a few. Find out more about Simon Andersson, and do not miss out on "Try."