Brief info

Kurt Seßler and Werner Zeeb are a pop group from the south of Germany. The two have known each other for a long time, but have only been working together since summer 2021.
Their story started with Kurt Seßler, who is an excellent songwriter. He was good creating and writing songs but couldn't produce them to the level that could be enjoyed by listeners so he immediately thought of a friend he knew back in school by name Werner Zeeb.
Werner Zeeb is a multi -instrumentalist who mixes and produces music for artists so they decided to come together.
From July 2021 to February 2022, they embarked on a tough project with the objective of releasing 12 songs for their album in only 7 months. This was crazy because they got support only with the background-vocals and had to do everything themselves on a low budget and small studio equipment.
Seßler's nephew, Julian Seßler who is a musician plus owner of a music school teamed up with Franziska Groß a music teacher to work on the background vocals for five of their songs and they eventually completed the album "Märchen". It was delivered to all major music stores through the distributor "recordjet" and had many musical styles ranging from rock and pop to ballads, reggae, folk music and funky/jazzy elements.
This was done to their taste as it had very diverse instrumentals with catchy melodies, varied harmonies, pulsating rhythms and subtle German lyrics.
Once their album was released, they got really active on social platforms and began to interact with other players in the music business. This was a great move as interactions with people in the industry spiked exposure and interest in their music.
They were contacted on Soundcloud by a label requesting to publish their song titled "Bahnreise" under their label and their instrumental jazz track "Jazzkeller" even made it to 7th place on the Charts of Soundcloud´s Repost Exchange.
Another great experience was with an Asian 64K YouTube channel that reached them and indicated their interest in making a manga video of their song "Kleiner August". In addition to this, their single "Märchen" (from the album of the same name) is played by Glacer FM Underground and currently in the Top 50 charts.
With lots of great encounters they earned massive 750,000+ digital streams by the end of November 2022.
Most of their fans are in the United States, Great Britain and Australia and this is amazing because their songs have German lyrics. Interesting to note that the greater fan base is from people who do not understand German and this is evidence that music is a universal language.
They are currently working on new songs and their new single has just been completed.
It will be released in March 2023