Brief info

Redd Xtify is a solo Metal - Rock/Punk artist from Canada. He plays lead, rhythm and bass guitar as well as piano and drums. Making music to him is about the freedom to create, share and express his ideas, thoughts and feelings to the world. Redd Xtify has always been passionate about music and started in a band. However, the debut as a group didn't last because he realized he had a different vision from other band members. As a result they never got to coordinate or finish up any project due to creative differences. 
This didn't stop Redd Xtify but was rather the driving force towards getting him to where he wanted to be. He then decided that he would become a one man band, playing all the parts of the songs himself. He learned to play the drums, lead and solo guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar or keyboard or synth parts and multi track recording them and overlaying in his music. This was all done in his own studio at XTIFY STUDIOS tm. Then he started doing gigs by just playing his song list through his computer, his lead guitar and vocals overtop on stage. Putting all parts together eliminated the need for band members and he could concentrate solely on recording, editing and producing music himself. 
Redd Xtify spent several years learning how to cut, edit, overlay and produce quality multi track records. He also studied how to format rated of hi fidelity 192 k by 24 bit rate in his studio which led him into wanting to produce his own albums. Redd Xtify has several albums done and out already! We'd love everyone to check out this great artist. Also, keep coming back cause more albums are on the way this fall. 

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