Brief info

Michaelenjelaun Braxtson Christovonce well known by his artist name Lil TENDO 95, is a young JAHsoul (Popsoul, Tomsoul, Rocksoul, Latinsoul, etc.) singer, guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and mixing/mastering engineer. He created these styles and produces all his songs himself. Lot's of people aren't aware that he isn't just about music alone. Michael also has A strong background in science and technology. He is an experienced Software Developer, Programmer, Financial Mathematician, & Quant/Sports Investor. He has his own Quant Sports Fund (Ballin Machine®), with his own models & algorithms and a 7+ octave range though not huge on gloating. These are just some facts on his career. His fund has won over 78% of it's matches (140+), and had a streak of 34 out of 36 matches won (97%+ win rate). His Christovoni Fund (Equities Fund) has done 12% in stocks this year.
These scientific skills have contributed to him being 100% self-taught in music and programming and he has quite the schedule working each day to perfect on his skills. He has always had a deep passion for music and starting out, he was inspired by Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, James Brown, and some modern artists as well. Michael's currently working on a Latinsoul/Latintech R&B Album and is interested in working with promoters and marketers.