Brief info

Charles Tadlock (Kalamitys Reign) is an Alternative/Rock artist from the United States Of America.
We are inviting everyone to read their story as it is meant to motivate others to never give up on following their dreams. The story told by Kalamitys Reign goes as follows:

Around 2014, I was struggling with alcoholism and going through a divorce from my first wife, an exotic dancer who went by the name Kittie????‍♂️. At the time I was also a over the road trucker and had children from a previous relationship. My choices with alcohol led me to believe I had lost everything. My license, my wife, and to top it off my children were being withheld from me. I was alone, almost homeless, facing jail time and in a very bad mental space to a point I even tried to overdose on pills.

Around this time I met my second wife. She helped me believe in myself. Helped me get and stay sober from alcohol, blessed me with my youngest son and helped me gain custody of my other children. We were married on Halloween in 2019. Unfortunately 2 months after saying I do, my wife passed unexpectedly the first week of 2020. Leaving me alone to raise our children through all the craziness.

Thankfully ???? a short time after I was able to become a stay at home dad and return to school for digital marketing. I gave up cigarettes and started hiking/jogging regularly, plus changed my diet and lost some weight. I also have played guitar and bass for over 20 years and wrote rock instrumentals as more of a hobby up until 2020.

My dream has always been to be a successful songwriter. I am proud to say that I self produced my first rock instrumental album, and it is now streaming on all major music services. Since it's release one single is currently on Glacer FM underground radio, and has been previewed on a Twitch stream. Another song was used the other day to open and close a local podcast.

We all have the power to overcome and endure so much. Believing in yourself makes a world of difference, especially if it's something you're passionate about. A true positive mindset, and perspective of life also is a very power tool for success. Never give up on your dreams, stay goal oriented, and take life a day at a time. Eventually all those days will add up and you'll be so proud of how far you've come. ❤

Never let the calamities and misfortunes of life stop you from taking control and living your best life. For the power of success is within each of us.