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Jeffery Leander is a musician residing in Los Angeles, CA, United States. He started singing as a child and has always pursued musical opportunities growing up. Jeffery's originally comes from Indiana, but he always felt trapped there and eventually moved to California in 2008. Since then he's been finding his way.
Jeffery dealt with a bit of imposter syndrome earlier in his career and this made him feel that he couldn’t produce music entirely on his own. At some point he even decided not to do it and continually tried to put the desire off.
He later realized that this was a silly obstacle that simply prevented him from doing the music and following his passion. He met a writer/producer earlier this year who helped him release his first single, “You Rescued Me.”
This sparked a lot of interest from everyone in his life, giving him courage and momentum to believe in himself. He created two more demos and began preparing for his upcoming release titled, Kickstarter. Next, it was time to take things to a whole new level. He hired a photographer/videographer for a photo shoot and they proceeded to produce the video for Kickstarter. He's currently promoting it and getting ready for the launch!
Jeffery says he hope to gain commercial success so he can produce his debut album and commit to music as his career. Once he becomes successful he plans reach out to artist who are facing similar issues, so he can encourage them to believe in themselves.
His dream is to keep making good music and also help showcase artists that don’t have the chance to have their voices to be heard.
He also believes that together amazing things happen and he is open to collaborations with other upcoming artists to forge relations in the independent music industry.
The reactions from his friends and family have been positive so far and that has been such a fantastic response to his first professional single!
Below are just a few of them

"You Rescued Me is quite literally a song to my partner. It felt like the right song to launch this career. My ex was abusive and my current partner rescued me, physically and emotionally"
"The lyrics, and I’d go through all of it again, as long as I still find you in the end, are my most sincere feelings toward him."
"I would go through everything, all of the bad-deal with it all over again, if it guaranteed that I still ended up with you at the end of it"

His single is can be accessed and readily available on all major streaming and distribution platforms.

You are invited to share his latest, kickstarter, launching November 7th: