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Tre Main, an innovative songwriter, artist visionary and colorful persona has been tantalizing his listeners over the coarse of a decade while attempting to make a name for himself in the music sphere. With and arsenal of crafty #Pop, rich and rounded #RNB and infectious #Dance music, Tre Main has been able to self produce (1) EP and 4 digital albums with much more music to come. Tre Main has witnessed and enjoyed much streaming success across many digital platforms, in hoping to bring some of his energized sounds to mainstream.

While the artist has been home recording since 1999 it would ultimately be projects #thematerialworld and Nightlife Confessions would put him in Birdseye view of the listening public, and began to generate a listening buzz. "The Material World" itself would spawn such breakout tracks as "Lights on Broadway", "Everlasting", "Keep it Steady" and the albums title track "The Material World" which subtlety references life in a superficial, fast paced and materialistic sphere which also highlights an unfortunate division amongst society and what has been deemed as the "have" and "have nots". The tracks synthetic and guitar driven pop rock sounds produces the tracks major dance/club elements.

With the moderate online buzz circling around both Nightlife confessions and The Material World the artist would subsequently release videos for both "Lights on Broadway" from #TMW and "Hit & Run" from Nightlife Confessions # 15. Taking a brief "time-out" from recording Tre Main came back with a tasty treat in time for Halloween 2021 entitled "Tween the Twilight", his first holiday single.

Currently mapping out his 2022 ventures entitled "House of Electric Avenue" followed up by "V Reactor", and completing the year out with "Love Infinity", much like before Tre Main will bring infectious bitmapping, riveting storytelling and pure artist emotion. .

Stay Tuned.

Interview With Tre main

Have you always been interested in music? What is your story and how did you start making music?

I was born and spent the first part of my childhood in a small town called Liberal located in Southwestern Kansas. While in this po’ dunk town I grew up with church instilled throughout my blood. I was what you could consider to be active in church and regularly performed gospel music in both the youth and adult choir. Still I was always drawn to what my kin folks would refer to as “the devils music” though i never paid them any mind. I figured that it was “that” same music that could possibly bring them out of their miserable situations or irrelevant lives to see the beauty in life and things of the unordinary. I began to gravitate towards other styles and genre of music, particularly that of pop and dance influence. Though I also grew up in a household where soulful RNB music would play regularly on the weekends.

As a child of the 80’s I became infatuated with breakout artists, those who made jaws drop at their persona though ears perk up when their mouths opened and/or they picked up an instrument and just absolutely killed it. I loved the gender bending artists particularly of ambiguous influence. Early dance artists such as Sylvester, David Bowie & Grace Jones were visually spectacular and I wanted to capture that attention, while songbirds Michael Jackson, Prince, Boy George really gave me affirmation that I could sing in both masculine and feminine character, and that I could one day be able to create music that people would listen to while being as weird and outrageous as I wanted to be in expressing myself, as it was that of my own personal story.

So when I ever begin a new ;project – I will sometimes tap into one of these artists. I may refer back to one of their older hits or unknown tracks and gather inspiration from there. While your own visual aspect falls into place as you evolve and become older it’s always good to rewind back to a time where “weird” was good if you otherwise had a gift or talent. I recently draw inspiration from artists such as Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga & Doja Cat,

What are you working on now? Any future releases we can look forward to?

Since releasing “Tween the Twilight” for the Holiday Season I hadn’t recorded anything since my last digital projects Nightlife Confessions #15(2016) and its follow up #thematerialworld (2018). I re released my first demo album “Into the Open” with a couple of new recordings and newly added tracks that had been featured on other unreleased projects. It sounds like I know. Though to keep my listeners interest – I’ve been remastering and releasing what i could salvage of my older materials. It’s kinda fun to listen to how you sounded back then compared to now. I think I sound the same – though the music is definitely evolving (Lol).

2022 will prove to be a blockbuster year as I will be releasing (3) digital albums for consumption. Well 2 and a half as one of the three will be released into 2023.”House of Electric Avenue” will feature (10) power house dance tracks of Disco/dance, House, Drum n Bass and Electronic styles. Entering into the 90’s I really started to gravitate to alot of underground house and club music that ran anywhere between 115-120 BPM and carried a heavy bass line and synthetic grooves. I always felt like I was floating on air and all my troubles disappeared while listening to a really good house groove. Though I also I enjoy dancing so much, I wanted to recreate what It was like for me in the 90’s and how exciting dance music was at the time and made me feel; carefree, sexy and invincible. This album will likely be the first launch in Spring of 2022.

“V Reactor” which was written in quarantine during the pandemic, will showcase all of my songwriting skills and musicianship. The projects tracks will timeline some of the events (including my own) in which became quite significant during such a trying time in our nation. This is a (20) track chronicle filled with some crazy Power Pop tracks that I am so thrilled to share with my listeners. I guarantee they will not be disappointed as I was not during the pre production process of the tracks. Heavy Pop Rock, Power Pop, EDM and RNB will deliver, Of all the upcoming projects this will be the one you will be talking about to your friends. I say look for a late Summer release perhaps even into the fall as it is a monster project that I am recording and producing myself.

“Love Infinity” is a fluffy Pop and Silky Smooth RNB album. It will only have 12 tracks though they will be enough to “light the fire”. Very sexy, sensual and sexual though will also offer some clean mainstream pop stuff. This will hopefully bring RnB lovers and listeners whether new and or traditional out of their cocoons. When I bring the fire, I BRING THAT FIRE. 🙂

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry?

To become an international recording artist and performer. I envision performing with a band of musicians and singers and otherwise being known for strong and elaborate performances. Also, I’d like to become part of a strong & reputable songwriting team in which we may write Award winning music while also establishing to be part of a resource or network of individuals that may help develop up and coming artists and their desire to write either for themselves and/or other artists.

Most importantly, I will contribute to continue to break barriers and stigmas about black males, black artists, male artists, LGBTQIA artists or otherwise any other aspiring or desiring artist(s) thinking there is no place in the world for their type of music. With that said I wish we could physically see and comprehend the magnitude of how large & broad this planet is and how music can reach the highest altitudes and lowest valleys and depths to reach one person This is essentially all it takes before spreading like a wildfire. Music needs to empower more women and minorities to release works and give them safe places, networks to due so without feeling exposed, unprotected and unsafe – if they are otherwise unsure how to produce and release their own works.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

I believe the biggest challenge is attracting the legion of listeners I had hoped to – organically. There are so many music services offering packages where they will streamline supposed listeners to your music material where they will then flock in groves if you pay for the service, though its frustrating to know that your “likes” of your works are robo automated. These services in many cases deem to be misleading.

If your music were really attracting Realtime listeners who “liked” what you are putting out there then where would these same listeners be when you’re seeking honest realtime feedback and or response(s). On several occasion these types of services may not be offering anything at all to speak of which otherwise becomes frustrating for aspiring artists when they’re just getting computed response and interaction, Whose to know what’s real and what’s fake?

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it or what’s Your typical songwriting process?

It is so funny each time this question is presented to me because it changes each time.

When I first began songwriting for me it was all about the story, and then the music later. I knew at the point of conceiving the song what I was feeling to write about (without music and/or instrumentation) and once completed I would then attempt to find my musical genius in building and composing the track. I already have in my head the BPM though not yet the melody.As I evolve it becomes much easier to compose, play and build on to the track and listen to it over and over again to know what is moving me in that track. Of that I then begin putting pen to pad and the lyrics typically spill right out of me. It almost always depends on the composition. If there is one single sound that reminds me of a certain word. feeling. place and or sensation I have typically already found my track.

crazy stuff huh?

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The internet definitely makes access to artists and their catalogues much easier. It’s great as it is convenient though not so great when an artists and/or bands work gets leaked prior to an official release. For someone not yet heard of – it could be exciting as you never know whose hands your song could land into. Though for artist continually and consistently putting out music it is sometimes a rabbit hole as you are then not reaping the fruits of your labor if all your songs are being given away for free and/or stolen without your consent and you not being rewarded.

It can be a double edge sword. That is both the internet and the music industry.

List some famous musicians currently on your playlist?

Oh Gosh, Well I have like 15 different playlists on Spotify based on the scene of the day. On my “Essential Turn Up” playlist you will find artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry, G-Eazy, Anna Marie, Jonas Blue, Calvin Harris, and Chris Brown. On my “Essential Edge” Playlist you may find artists such as: Adam Lambert, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Eminem and Evanescence. My “Essential Classic” playlist hosts artists and bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Boston, Daryl Hall & John Oates and David Bowie of course.

As you can see my “music crazy” is all over the place. I am a lover of music and try to follow in the style of some of my favorites.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

I still manage part time careers in both property management & health services. I’ve done it all, from bussing and waiting tables to managing multi family apartment homes in and throughout the Denver region.While attempting to give my music a lift off – i still like to interact with people physically so I do some networking and on assignment projects in and throughout the Metro area.In 2022, I will be financing to promote videos and live performances related to my new projects.

Please Stay tuned,

Would you have any advice for young people wanting to follow in your footsteps?

First off, know that YOU ARE AMAZING! that you even gave it a thought to pursue anything in music has to be in your heart first and foremost. Just remember, the next person and the last person has the same dream. If you’re pursuing music for you, then no value can be put on that. If you’re pursuing music for fame and fortune, it better be worth all the heartache and heartbreak you’re likely to endure. As harsh as that may appear – it is in fact reality. Most times in a superficial world it may take a perfect look, a perfect pitch and displaying to have a perfect life to even be acknowledged. That should not be the case. Every person in unique with a unique story. Take your time in sharing it. Don’t allow anyone to change it. That’s why IT”S YOURS.

Just remember to remain true to YOU. this means your feelings mostly. If you want to write and sing about things that pertain to you – then keep it real. If you want to write for someone else or to portray someone else – well that’s all part of storytelling, just remember who you are at the end of the day. Lines can get blurred and crossed very easily, especially when it’s life in the fast lane.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

I will contribute to continue to break barriers and stigmas about black males, black artists, male artists, LGBTQIA artists or otherwise any other aspiring or desiring artist(s) thinking there is no place in the world for their type of music. With that said I wish we could physically see and comprehend the magnitude of how large & broad this planet is and how music can reach the highest altitudes and lowest valleys and depths to reach one person This is essentially all it takes before spreading like a wildfire.

Music needs to empower more women and minorities to release works and give them safe places, networks to due so without feeling exposed, unprotected and unsafe – if they are otherwise unsure how to produce and release their own works.

How do you feel about originality?

 I feel that originality cannot be formed, faked and or forced. A person know if they carry originality. It’s a gifted sign from the heavens such as being a super genius, or being able to read minds, or having some super power of sorts. There are always tools and resources to enhance what you might have initially been lacking to begin with. Though when you got it – you just got it.

Is there anything else we should know about you? or Something that you would like to add?

 I’d just like to take a moment to genuinely thank my listeners, both new and old. For any of those that nave followed the music all these years, you need to know that you are what keeps me going. I don’t know that I’d be as passionate about writing and recording and/or performing if you YOU, the listener had not been there to stream, download, reach out with messages and or just continue to shower me with your blessings of success.

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