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Anuar Israel Monroy Montoya (The Discarnate) is a rock musician from Mexico. He was born on May 10, 1985, under the sign of Taurus or on day 5 reed of the original Mexica long count. As a passionate observer of natural and social phenomena, he became interested in science, art and social phenomena. Anuar told us that from childhood, he loved to study the economy, the functioning of the world and the universe in general. His passion for music started in the 80s as a child because in his family they always listened to the radio soap operas. Also, at both his parents and grandparents home, young people in their twenties listened to universal radio rock. Since then, they had it as a routine for social Fridays to be lived together playing the guitar and listening to guests. Their guests will share their singing as they accompanied with guitar and percussion instruments. They usually also listened to music of all kinds from Latin American popular folklore to jazz, new song and rock, etc. He was also influenced by the TV of the 80's in Mexico and its broadcast programs such as the Monster Family, Elvira the mistress of the Dark show, Los locos Adams, Lost in space, The time tunnel, and old black & white movies. A couple other movies like Charles Chaplin's give him a taste for romanticism and gothic or dark aesthetics. In addition to this, he was cultivated by visits to museums in Mexico City, the study of art history, the contemplation of theater, live classical music, the contrasting social reality, punk graffiti, its musical expression, Italian progressive rock, English in youth and the knowledge of the original Mexica Azteca culture. All of this knowledge has defined his career as musician and painter until today. He has two paint works titled "Adan locked in his own flesh" and "Natural Flag from America continent". Musically as well, he released a progressive punk rock album in 2019 called "The Path and the Will " which he is currently promoting in different media. This album talks about confronting an individual against himself to create a process of reflection and result in an individual awareness of himself and his path, without blaming the environment. It also talks on the usefulness of an individual and collective harmony to achieve a better and greater conscience degree of individual and collective freedom.
Anuar also obtained a degree in Industrial Robotics Engineering and completed his studies in 2010. He has a proven track record of 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, programming robots for car assembly in different companies such as FORD Kentucky, TESLA Texas &California. , FCA Indiana, VW and BMW Mexico among other companies. This has allowed him to get to know the American culture and make so many friends in Indiana where he worked in 2021 for FCA. He got the opportunity to play and collaborate with the music producer and sound engineer, lessor Don Steininger and his rock band known as "Maybe Band". His artistic name Sylvain is taken from the French animation film by Rene Laloux called Gandahar. It is a film about coming from the forest where they talk about present and past situations plus how to solve ethical technological dilemma in the future to save the present.
Conclusively, Anuar says his music will definitely interest anyone who likes instrumental rock music with specific lyrics and with a clear sense of philosophical, constructive and human works. He is always trying to innovate in each song and we invite every rock lover to check him out.

Interview With The Discarnate

Have you always been interested in music? What is your story and how did you start making music? Have you always been interested in music?

I have always especially liked sound and music, even with respect to oil painting, which I also like. I like to be able to paint atmospheres in the environment soundly and then complement the idea in video, but even if there is no video, transmitting sensations, soundscapes and emotions is what fascinates me most about music.

What is your story and how did you start making music?

Since I was a child I have known troubadours and rockers with their guitar in hand, the first of them was my father who even came to make an imitation of the vampire of the band KIZZ

When I was a boy, my teenage uncles sang to me a well-known song at that time while tickling me, which fragment said “baby baby baby baby what are you going to be when you grow up, rock and roll star, president of the nation oh uh ooh”

As a teenager I got my first guitar and learned songs that seemed interesting to me because of their unusual chords of rock songs in general type minor sustained or diminished tones.

In 2011, after returning from a trip on foot through Central America in which I arrived with a friend to Ciudad Leon, Nicaragua, where the poet Ruben Dario was born, I decided to obtain my university degree and create the band Descarnados together with Eduardo Gonzales Trip on drums. Today a visual artist dedicated to linoleum engraving and Fabian Olvera on bass guitar, today a visual artist dedicated to stone sculpture, everyone made and sang their own songs, that is, if you wrote the lyrics, you sang them yourself, which was very versatile in the sound of the band, on this album I wanted to respect them and only included songs of my own, although maybe later and they have time they might like to rejoin the band and record their songs on a new album.

But mainly the search for new sounds in the music that I have heard throughout my life pushed me to create my own songs and of course the need to express my spirit

What are you working on now? Any future releases we can look forward to?

Now I want to make more usual songs because the songs that include this album are even very innovative for me since my debut and first song of the album “Human Fredom or Humman Drama” is a harmony that when going from high to low in E minor behaves differently in the low tones leaving the typical harmonic circle which allows a free jazz type melodic part inspired by the song Fables of Faubus by Charles Mingus allowing that at the end of the song the beat seems to speed up when in fact it only changes the style from rock to punk but retaining its own personality in the history of rock.

The second song of the album “The Beautiful and Sublime” is a Mexica dance rock symphony inspired by the original culture of ancient Mexico which is harmonized in C which allowed me to make a very atonal guitar solo which with a very regular base remains very audible allowing me to express a scale on guitar that I particularly use.

The third song “The State of the Things” is a Rock punk which the interesting thing is the clear lyrics against oneself because oneself is his own enemy to defeat according to the Nahua Mexica philosophy

The fourth song “The Ethernal Recurence” is an Egyptian-type harmony according to me because when someone wants to make a song that sounds Middle Eastern it sounds Arabic which is fine for those who want it but I wanted to rescue and try to reach a more authentically Egyptian sound that I complement with a letter that urges us to live the present intensely because it challenges us to consider the possibility of being reborn before and after in the same conditions.

The fifth song “I Will Spend a Good Time” is a rock that tells the story of the most famous funky hole in the center of Mexico City in the 2000s where many young people gathered to live together and exchange ideas.

And the sixth and last song is a conclusion of the entire album in the Rock funk style that compiles a very famous phrase that my mentor and godfather Juan Mario Tonahtiuh Cuahpopocatzin Castillo and Moctezuma transmitted to me, who instructed me in the Nahua Mexica philosophy which answers what is the path of life and what does it say -the path is long and wide and each one gives it direction and meaning, heart and will- phrase that I wanted to transmit without any change and so my godfather and mentor allowed me to share with whoever wants to take it because as he said the knowledge is to live it.

I think it’s a very dense album and that’s why I now want to make some compositions that are more assimilable, including something electronic and danceable, to experiment with that medium as well, but conceiving the raw style with each song and lyrics. Although I also want to include in the next album a song that the three originals of the band composed in those days called “Tattoo in the meadow” that has a more DADA touch and at the same time very interesting Gore which was really part of the initial work of the second album.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry?

I want my music to be known and appreciated.

But mainly my album is intended to be a tool for change, that when a person you know who lacks definition in his life or will listens to my album and after listening to it generates a change of perspective, opens his eyes and urges him to live more intensely his own life but with freedom, conscience and respect for others as well, I would like my musical work to make people do surprising and constructive things that encourage those who listen to it to create art.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

Record the album and make it sound like what I have in mind, although to complement the concept I have made the videos.

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it or what’s Your typical songwriting process?

First I get the feeling and this gives a melody, this is part of the same step, sometimes the melody comes first and then I clarify the purpose of the song with the lyrics, the harmony in this sense would be the complement.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The Internet has allowed music to reach many more people than before and this is positive, although nowadays people have had a very vast world of music, it seems that they always want to listen to the same or the most assimilable thing and it is that it is not fashionable to appreciate the instrumentation because apart from that it is a brain effort but if it is carried out it is very satisfactory.

I remember that when I started listening to progressive rock from the 70s at the beginning I fell asleep but you listen to it more times and your brain starts to separate the instruments and really enjoy it, it is a real experience of another musical level.

List some famous musicians currently on your playlist?

Sister of Mercy, Bauhaus, Nina Hagen, Klaus Nomi, Sex Gang Children, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Rolling Stones, Queen, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Alien Sex Fiend, The Damned, Specimen, A-ha, Tear for Fears, Alphaville, T-Rex, Velvet Underground,

King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, The Doors, Renaissance, Hatfield and the North, Rod Steward, Motlei Crue, Motor Head, Guns and Roses, Sting,

Premiata Formerai Marconi, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Le Orme, Locanda, New Trolls, Il Rovescio della Medaglia, Franco Battiato, Semiramis, Matia Bazar, Pierrot Lunaire, Museo Rosenbach,

Charles Mingus, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Mock, Louis Armstrong, Tito Puente, Ruben Blades, Oscar de Leon, Buenavista Social Club, Bebo y Cigala, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis,

Gabilondo Soler Cri Cri, Piero, Silvio Rodrigues, Mercedes Sosa, Serrat, Chico Buarque, Ellis Regina, Astrud Gilberto, Cazuza,

Patricio Rey y los Redonditos de Ricotta, Triana, Crack, Sui Generis, Real de Catorce, Paralisis Permanente, Miguel Ríos, La Maldita Vecindad, Caifanes, Spineta, Charlie Garcia, Corcobado, Hermana Mery, Bersuit Vergarabat, Golem System, Rodrigo Gonzales, Arturo Meza,

Mozart, Bach, Retoben, Paganini, Sibelius, Vivaldi, Chopin, Shostakovich, Wagner.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

Before starting to make music, I listened to all kinds of music and took art history and music appreciation workshops, studied European philosophy and Nahua Mexica philosophy to be clear about the state of things, what I liked and what I didn’t. I liked it, know yourself and you will know the universe as Socrates said, I also talked with people who made art, participated in 2 short theatrical staging, went to massive rock concerts and at that time there was mainly the ska boom in Mexico Although I have always been more of a rocker, I also enjoy the moment. Some time ago, 70s rock came back into fashion with the Doors, then punk and now one of my favorite genres, gothic rock.

Would you have any advice for young people wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Know as much music and art as you can with bases of appreciation and historical foundation to be able to understand each moment and be able to really conceptualize something authentic, mainly appreciate art without discrimination and with an open mind so that you can really feel what the author wants to express in his work .

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

I would like the music industry to expose new music and music from the past of all kinds and give us the message that we can appreciate more art every time instead of just a few trendy artists

How do you feel about originality?

Originality is everything, obviously we will always be inspired by artists we have heard before but innovation lies in originality because it feeds on authenticity

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