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FHYNEX (pronounced as Feenex) is a Pop singer from Belgium. Coming from a music background, the music didn't come as a surprise. As grandchild of a musician, it was meant to be that FHYNEX would play his first chord soon enough. As a matter in fact, out of 10 grandchildren, he was the only one blessed with the passion and love for music as a gift from his grandfather.

At an early age he was following the footsteps of his grandfather, that lead him to his first drumkit. Only days passed by before he took this kit on stage to play for the first time with a band at a local festival. After this he started taking lessons and started experimenting with new genres. For a couple of years he played the drums in metal bands, pop-rock bands and post-hardcore bands.

Simultaneously he taught himself to play a chord or two on his first acoustic guitar. Later this guitar would be accompanied by an electric guitar, a keyboard and a bass guitar. With YouTube as a major teacher he grew as a musician.

In 2019 he started singing as well. As singer and guitarist of an acoustic duo, he took his first chance to enter the stage as a singer. Later he started his own solo project. In this project he made everything from scratch. He started writing and composing songs and recorded and produced them in his own home studio. At this time he would create an ambient electronic vibe in every song. He saw local heroes like Bazart as his fuel for inspiration. All of these 4 songs came with a great message, directly from the heart.

After experimenting with recording, producing and playing in different genres, FHYNEX finally found his main purpose and sound. As a solo-artist he was still striving to a full-band live sound on stage. So he bought his first loop station to built up every song on stage in a way he had never been able to before. He took existing songs and turned them into a personal looped version. Also busy writing and composing own songs, he entered a local contest and played some of these live-looping covers songs for the first time i front of an audience. Eventually he made it into the finals, which has been an official start of this new concept.

Interview With Fhynex


Have you always been interested in music? What is your story and how did you start making music?

I always adored music and everything that comes with it. As a young boy i always was amazed by musicians during live shows. For example, I remember that I literally was obsessed by a Belgian band during Euro song for Kids. After their first performance, I was hooked. In that period, my mom bought me my first toy drumkit, yet I never just played with it. I actually played it like I was a Rockstar. I enjoyed it so much, that’s when I realized that this adrenaline, this lust for life that came with music, was my true purpose.

A couple of years later I entered my first real experience. I registered for a local workshop where teens would gather together, each to pick an instrument, for a band and compose a song, to play it live at a local festival. Three days of workshop directly into a live performance on this very third day. I played the drums in our little band and I’ve never felt alive like this before. I simple just wanted more.

That’s when my passion for music really started to grow into actual projects et cetera.

What are you working on now? Any future releases we can look forward to?

Currently I’m working on my new recent concept where I play a set of covers and own songs. I play these songs solo, but I build them up, live on stage, with a loop station. Every covered song is a little different from the original and has been coated with a taste of Fhynex. At this moment, I’m working on a couple of new songs. Two of them are almost fully produced and are in a pre-master stadium. Both songs are gonna be officially announced and released soon. Also a couple of other songs are being worked on, but these are still in a beginning-stadium. All songs are composed and produced in my own built home studio.

Outside the studio I’m looking forward to play some local gigs and get really started.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry?

My daily goal is to challenge myself, to become a better version of me then I was yesterday. I wanna improve my skills and knowledge about music so I can achieve optimal development.

So eventually my ultimate goal is to achieve a position and a roll in the music industry as high as possible. I wanna know music, i wanna breath music, i wanna live music.. As much as I can. When the day comes I can look at myself in the mirror and I see that i can devote to music the way I want to, that not only my music is my living, but my living is my music. That the moment I’ve reached my ultimate goal.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?

Since I started producing music myself in my home studio, I started to enjoy and experience music at another level. To get a different approach of a song. Not only to play it, but to build a melody from scratch and turn it into a catchy dance song or to touch hearts with a series of notes and chords. You’ll learn what people feel with what they hear. subconscious people are conditioned many ways. Music is a key to crack the lock of one of this way. It can get people to laugh and to cry, to cheer up and to smile. It’s a very powerful tool.

At this point I feel like becoming more passionate by music. At some point, it’s so frequently present, you’d think you soon will get bored and get enough of it. But as in matter in fact, this streak continuous to go on and on.

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it or what’s Your typical songwriting process?

My songs come from places and they have a destination to reach, a purpose. So I don’t force writing, I just simply let it happen. At some moments I spontaneously get a melody in my head, which I play on my guitar while I record it with my iPhone. My lyrics are mostly written at night, before I go to sleep. Often after a meditation session. Consider it like feelings to tell a story to my diary. Emotions, experiences and other things come together at this point and start to form a song. So actually, my iPhone is full of loose recordings and notations with lyrics. Later I’ll try to match the right lyrics to the right melody and a new song is born.

But it happens that I can’t write a single sentence or a note. I taught myself to be able to ‘write badly’ at this point. It has been a great pointer to me so far. You’ll be writing mostly throwaways, but you’re at least back in the game. Soon enough, great things will take place where mediocrity has been before.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

I feel that it has become easier, but also much harder in some ways.

Today, in social media era, every musician can reach the whole world within seconds. So it’s relatively easy to distribute your own music, to socialize with partners and whatsoever. But we’re also living in a world and a time where people among us are so damn talented. And they’re so many of them. It’s very hard for each musician to try and fit in this music industry.

List some famous musicians currently on your playlist?

Ed Sheeran, Chad Kroeger, Dua Lipa, Stromae, Milo Meskens, Bazart

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?

The goofy kid I was, kept himself busy in the early days with making random videos with a couple of friends. You know the drills, stupid kids, goofing around, having a good time and getting it all on tape. Total useless, but we had a good time. We we’re also goofing around, acting like a band and playing music. Actually one time we performed a playback gig in front of friends and family, and I played the drums, but on this toy drumkit for god sakes. But we had a blast.

Would you have any advice for young people wanting to follow in your footsteps?

For starters, get busy, get playing, and keep enjoying it. Find out what main goal you will set for yourself, so you have a clear mental picture of where you see yourself in the future. How more clearly you can form your goals and describe your destination, the more your brain knows how to get there. Don’t doubt yourself too much, yet stay positively critical. Don’t compare yourself directly to any other one. Just compare you with you.

And last but not least, be gentle at all times. Keep up interest in other musician-colleagues. The world is rough enough as it is, let’s try to make the music world in which everyone’s contribution is appreciated. If you’ll be acting like this, you will be treated like this in exchange.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

I think that chances and opportunities aren’t divided equally between musicians. As of today, it’s not only talent or hard work that leads directly to success. It’s a combination of things of which most of us lacks one or two. The people you know, for instance, can be a key to open a door to a road to success. And I think it’s a shame that a lot of great musicians out there all have got what it takes to become a star, but they simple lack connections and yet so opportunities to develop themselves and reach a next level. While other people, who maybe aren’t the best musicians out there, they get all chances, even if the screw up a few, because of their privileges. It’s not based on justice, but on other things. If I could change one thing, then I would do whatever it took to achieve a music industry where music comes from the heart and everyone gets heard. Every one should get their chances, because they all deserve to.

How do you feel about originality?

Any musician plays melodies, sings lyrics. But if I write a new song, is it actually new, or is it just a different version of an already existing melody? It’s not like we have and endless number of notes and chords to form a song with. Only 26 letters to form a couple of sentences which no one has heard before. No, we can’t keep inventing Edison’s light bulb over and over again. But what we can do is to be creative with these thing and make it your own. For example, in my live set, I play a couple of covers of existing songs. But some of these are so different from the originals, that people barely recognize them. Yet in essence it’s still the same song. So originality is the main thing to make it possible for a musician to distinguish and attach their own sound and vibe to their name or brand.

Is there anything else we should know about you? or Something that you would like to add?

Just take a look at my compilation promo video in this link, to find out how FHYNEX rolls on stage:

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