Brief info

Born and raised Western North Carolina, HERELIESWES (Wes Norris) Is well-known and very talented Musician/singer-songwriter,
He produces an alternative genre sound that leaves a spine a tingling feeling and captivates you with originality and creativity. Most of the music and lyrics written, is definitely built from real life experiences. This is why everyone can resonate with the way he feels and definitely put them in place.
Most of HERELIESWES influences come from well-known musicians from Alice n chains, Aaron Lewis, breaking Benjamin who are artist that have been around for many years. We are therefore inviting everyone to support him as he keeps making great music for his fans.
Wes is now currently working on his first album and hopefully will be released it by summer 2022. He released his hit single 'done with it all' on all major platforms making it to easy to find his work. His new single , titled 'Neverfall' will also be available on all streaming platforms.
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