Brief info

Fabrice Mourlon is a French Jazz vocalist and composer. He trained as a pianist in classical music and discovered jazz with Valentina Casula. Joining her workshop for 6 years, he also took part in workshops organized by Maria Pia De Vito and Roger Letson. Fabrice Mourlon recorded his first album in 2014 (Facing The Lough) with Richard Razaf (P). Emmanuel Brunet (cb) and Thierry Tardieu (d) and then collaborated with Northern Irish pianist Scott Flanigan to record the album in 2017. In 2020, he recorded his 3rd album Novantatrè with Richard Razaf and Remi Chemla (cb).
Fabrice Mourlon has played in jazz clubs in Paris (Sunset Sunside...), in Rome (Alexanderplatz) and has toured venues in Northern Ireland (No Alibis, Crescents Arts Center, Bert's)