Brief info

David is a singer/songwriter/keyboardist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania US area.
He started taking piano lessons in 1977 and at age 11, he developed an addiction for good music. In the late 1970’s he joined the church choir and by the early 1980’s, songwriting would commence. August 1986, he partnered with Sam Maurer, forming the band "Nobody Knows" and they worked together for one year. Then, he took up with Jim Gordon soon after that in reforming "The Shout" but it didn't materialize. Music always played a major role in David’s life even when he was told to get a haircut and a real job. In the mid 1990’s he was going to karaoke nights with former co-workers and by the late 2000’s he was doing covers in a local coffee shop. Eventually, in the late 2010’s songwriting would resume and he released the album, “Legacy”. David retired from music in December 2022 when he lost his wife of 11 years to cancer. It was a tragic moment for him and faced with hard times he sold his equipment and took his ReverbNation website down. Tough times didn't stop him from doing what he was born for and he later put it all back up with the music. He has come out of retirement to share an acapella he wrote for his dear wife with the world. The rest of the catalogue may follow.