Brief info

Crunch is a hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, United States. As rapper on the rise, he is ready for success and wants the world to know it. The hip hop/rap artist is on course to creating a cult following, with his single Rock With Me which is available on his website iamcrunch.com
Crunch's real name is Carlos White and he was born in Mississippi but his mother quickly relocated to Los Angeles. He credits his family and the music they played in the household as a strong influence on his decision to be a musician. As early as 12 years old he knew he wanted to pursue music professionally. At the age of 12, he obtained a manager named Steve Freedman. He credits Steve Freedman as one of two managers who gave him his start professionally. The other manager who helped him get his start was PB Floyd, his second manager. PB Floyd helped him release his first single “Turn It Up. The single was released when he was 21 years old. The single was selected to be on the soundtrack of a European movie.
Crunch attended commonwealth Elementary, LACES Middle School and Monroe High School. He states that his schooling impacted his music by attending a Jr. high school that produced several stars. It was a school of entertainers to be.