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We are a band on the Gold Coast Australia and we love to create and play music that is passionate, dynamic and groovy with a blend of a lot of styles, you will hear a mix of genres inc R&B, Pop, Rock, Blues, New Age, EDM, and Dance Music. Our Music has a message of love and inspiration, following your heart, trusting in your higher conscious awareness, and remembering that we are beings of love and love is all that matters.
The Ecstatic Feeling of the Infinite Love Flows through Every Vibration of Our Music.
Band based on the Gold Coast Australia.
Music about love - Uplifting, Inspiring, Awakening, Progressive Rock, Pop Rock, New Age Pop Rock, R&B, Psychedelic Rock.

Jody Christy - Lead Vocals, Songwriter,
Music & Video Producer.
Co-Founder of Ecstasy Of Love

Bart Christy - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Songwriter, Music & Video Producer.
Co-Founder of Ecstasy Of Love

Jami Dean Cassidy - Keyboards
Backing Vocals

Angelina Love - Bass
Backing Vocals

We are an independent online radio Broadcasting 24/7 live from London, New York, Los Angeles, beyond

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