As a new brand, it is hard getting public attention — this applies to unsigned and independent artists. You have recorded albums, but no one listens to them, despite your incredible talent.

This is pretty normal as the challenge for every start up is market themselves. Questions with respect to the to the right platform to use are bound to arise after trying out advertising on the social media networks.

Everyone uses social media to advertise including established businesses with a huge budget, these makes it difficult to compete for attention on these platforms as an upcoming artist with a small budget — reason why unsigned artists or new brands have a tough time at the start.

However, no worries as we are here to introduce you to advertising with podcast to get your music heard by millions of listeners worldwide.

Additionally, podcast explore various topics including business, history, news, religion, academics, pop culture, and more. These podcasts would often stream music on breaks during their episodes for an enjoyable listening experience.

In the next few minutes of reading this article, you will learn why you need podcasts advertising and how you can get your music played on  podcasts.

Shall we? Okay!

Why Should Musicians Get On Podcasts?

Artists need to connect with their fans and they do so thanks to the apps, websites as well as other platforms. These platforms are host to millions of podcasts.

Podcasts are digital audio files that could be downloaded on your PC or mobile device plus they are equally available for streaming on the most sites.

On these sites, listeners can subscribe to receive new episodes automatically.

Due to accessibility, podcasts are most loved in the United States and equally enjoyed internationally. They are fast becoming the most convenient form of entertainment.

Podcasters have wide audiences and getting a couple of spins on their platforms is an opportunity that makes artists to quickly gain new fans and also maintain a relationship with them.

You get to build a KLT factor with your audience; this means they get to know you, like you, and trust you.

Another advantage is that the podcast host would often introduce the artist alongside a short biography that helps the listener to connect with the artist on a deeper level

Let’s look at the advantages of advertising on podcasts.

Advantages Of Using Podcasts

  1. Podcasters can get you statistics so you see how many people stream or download each of your episodes, and the device type being used to listen. As an artists knowing information is very beneficial to deciding what audience is a market for your music.
  1. Podcasters are the most downloaded forms of content. People tend to share podcasts a lot and this will introduce you to new listeners.
  1. Podcasters will readily offer to featured your music for free, unlike the radio stations who negotiate advertising pace and need to recoup on their costs.

How Can You Get Your Music Onto Podcasts?

After you have seen the benefits of having your music on a podcast, it’s time for you to get started on it. Getting your music on podcasts just entails getting to know how to find them.

Although Spotify is a well-known podcast app for music. Glacer Fm  offers you the possibility of actually getting on Podcasts in other niches.

You can easily access and listen to your favorite episodes both live at specific hours as per our broadcast schedule or on demand available 24/7/365 via our website.

How It Works;

Step 1

If you are an iPhone user, you can check for the Apple podcasts directory in your iTunes or search for the podcast app on android. You can equally access the website directly on your desktop and head over to the Podcast & Shows sections.

Step 2

After opening it; scroll to the bottom of the page and use the contact us form to submit your request.

You can equally research the contact information of each podcaster and shoot them a direct email explaining your desire to get on their show and they will be happy to get back to you.

Step 3:

When submitting a song, ensure to make the topic or lyrics of your song match the podcast’s subject.

It would help if you chose podcasts with large audiences that can get you heard by thousands of listeners

Some Exciting Memorable Podcast that featured popular celebrities

  • True crime podcast stories one to remember. For example, “Crime junkie, Morbid and the likes.
  • Another exciting moment was our collaboration with some news podcast in the Daily New York Times which featured Michael Barbaro. A special recommendation is the history of American slavery —- the “first slave ship landing.”
  • The Music and film podcast hosts Paul Scheer and others give insight into what comedic movies are.

How Many Minutes Should Podcast Interviews Last?

There isn’t any recommended time length that a podcast interview should last. All the same, it won’t be fair to take up the whole day and bore your audience.

As a podcaster, the topic you are sharing on should determine how long you will spend.

For example, if you cover a 30 minutes podcast session on trending news or celebrity gossip trends, you could make your podcast interview last  roughly 10 minutes.

Bear this in mind; to keep it short and exciting. Choose an interesting guest and the best request peak placements on our station.

How You Should Use Music In Podcasts

For podcast newbies that are just starting, this will be helpful to you. You can use your music in podcasts in several ways. These are;

  1. Background music during advertisements.
  2.  You can use music in podcasts as a sound effect.
  3. Use it to set the mood as part of a mix or playlist.
  4. Useful as a theme background.
  5. Intro and outro melody
  6. Feature it as a lovely song for your audience.
  7. Use it as a segment transition song.

Make your podcast creative to be more innovative so when adding music, it gives the perfect blend for an enjoyable listening experience.

Are You Still Thinking of What to Do?

You have a higher chance of connecting with your audience through your music on podcasts.

Ensure you are able to properly engineer your music for best sound quality. Podcasters are very selective with respect to the quality of music being played on their podcasts and wouldn’t want to loose their listeners.

Our customer support is availabele 24/7/365. Feel free to reach out to us via the contact us section of our websites. You may also checkout what our users are saying about us.

Stay Tuned! Explore the hottest vibes only on Glacer FM.

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