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Sonny Bill Glover
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Sonny Bill Glover
Hip Hop-Urban
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Waiting for Lyrics “Liner notes”:
With this album, my goal was to create an interesting sonic space drawing from a wide range of experiences, yet always anchored in the acoustic music that I call “wooden music.” This is the kind of music I compose while I am “Waiting for Lyrics” to inspire me. You are invited to take a brief holiday from your normal activities and immerse yourself in the musical textures of these ten tunes.
The album features acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, and mandola, along with occasional percussion and synthesizer. You will hear a variety of styles and influences from traditional to jazz, from perky to chill. I composed the songs, played all the instruments, and engineered the recordings at Wooden Music Studio in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Mastering was done by Paul Speer.
My sincere wish is that you find something in this album that provides the soundscape you crave, the vision that delights you, the feeling that you need – whatever that may be.
Sonny Bill Glover
February, 2017

“40 Miles” is a quilt of musical styles and also the story of my life.

From the time I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, music got hold of me. My musical experience has been broad – rock, folk, jazz, classical, blues, bluegrass, instrumental, and world. I studied music and acoustical engineering, earning an advanced degree from Purdue University.

After school, I opted for a straight career, but music was always in my soul and on my mind. Now that I have completed a very successful career at a major industrial company – where I had roles from acoustic engineer to environmental leader to company strategy leader, and worked on six continents – I now have the pleasure to devote my time to music.

My influences are broad, but my musical roots are in acoustic guitar work. I am a proud guitar geek, especially when it comes to acoustic guitar. So called, “american primitive” guitar style – think John Fahey and Leo Kottke – on top of late 60’s/early 70’s rock – that is my personal home base. Beyond that my favorite lyrics not only tell a story or evoke an emotion, but also give the listener something to think about. I am certainly not above a raucous “feel good” song, but I always like a bit of a twist. Finally, my approach is to borrow elements from a wide variety of old and new music…shake, stir, season to taste and create something new.

As you can hear on the album, changes are my comfort zone. I hope you hear a bit of a “mix tape” that you can listen to again and again. All listeners will find something they will enjoy. I wrote all the songs on the album, did all the lead vocals, and all the acoustic guitar work. In addition, I also play ukulele, mandolin, electric guitars, steel drums, synth pad and percussion on selected tracks. I also had the great honor of having a wonderful group of fabulous players contributing to the recordings (see below), and a great producer leading the whole process.

After leaving corporate life, my first move was to build out my home studio in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – Wooden Music Studio. This enabled me to hone old songs, and develop new songs. Basic tracks (drum + bass) were recorded at Resonant Sound in Wenatchee, WA. I recorded all the lead vocals, and acoustic guitars in my own studio. Additional parts were recorded at Turn Studios in Seattle and back in my own Wooden Music studio. Mastering was done at Rainstorm in Tennessee.

With my background in acoustical engineering, “hands on” involvement in the recording/mixdown process was “icing on the cake” to go with the songwriting and performance pleasures. Hearing my songs come to life through the skills of all the talented musicians I worked with was a total thrill.

“40 Miles” track listing:
1. Get Soul (Freedom Rains) – 7:20
2. Road to Whimsey – 5:01
3. A Seasoned Man – 4:08
4. Even if the Heart – 4:04
5. See the Fire – 6:42
6. Long Wait – 5:01
7. Dee Emm Jam Bit – 3:25
8. Thinking ‘Bout John Prine – 3:24
9. Walkaways and Runaways – 4:38
10. A 65 Mustang – 3:57
11. The Night is Colder – 4:16
12. Walter and Victoria – 3:29
13. Time is Just a Soldier – 5:09
14. Mississippi – 3:24
15. Jamie Boggs – 4:51

“40 Miles” Credits:
*All songs written by Billy Glover (BMI) aka Sonny Bill Glover
*Recorded and Engineered by Kevin Jones and Sonny Bill Glover at Wooden Music Studios, Turn Studios, and Resonant Sound.
*Produced by Kevin Jones
*Mastered by Paul Speer
*Sonny Bill Glover (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, percussion, steel drums, synth pad, ukulele)
*Mardel Chowen (flute)
*Jason Cressey (trombone)
*Andy Emery (percussion)
*Blake Emery (vocals)
*Craig Gammon (piano and organ)
*Greg Hendrickson (bass)
*Mark Iler (harmonica)
*Kevin Jones (electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals)
*Jess Morse (vocals)
*Holly Schroder (vocals)
*Dan Tyack (pedal steel guitar)
*Doug Williams (drums and cardboard box)
*Crowd vocals: Bill & Bev, Vaughn & Gwyneth, Kim, Dan & Holly, Chris and Loan

Short Bio:
Sonny Bill Glover (Billy Glover, BMI)
A seasoned man was he. And free. He lived a life many would envy….so very happy just to be. After a full and successful career with a major industrial company, Sonny is full of songs – songs that are busting to get out. Sonny Bill Glover has eclectic musical tastes. While his original songs tend to be anchored by folk rock, there are bits of jazz, blues, country, and whatever in there. Energetic and thoughtful. Plaintive or humorous. In the end, it is just music – so very happy just to be. Sonny lives the good life in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA where he has a small studio and when not making or recording music, he is making musical instruments, sailing or fishing.

FOR LYRICS – see PRESS listing section!

A very HUGE thank you to KEVIN JONES for producing my album “40 Miles” – check him out at

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