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Craigles O’Grady
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Craigles O'Grady
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Biography: I am a Canadian hip hop artist born in Lethbridge Alberta, residing in Edmonton. My hip hop career started in Medicine Hat Alberta in Smoked Out Battles AB league. After a couple battles, I wanted to work more on tracks than the battle ring, and released my first track “Nuclear War” in 2017, the first single off my EP “REVOLUTION”. Throughout 2019, I released many singles from my album “Alberta Boiis” which was released November 27th 2020. Take me over being the hit single off the album, and at live events.

Have you always been interested in music? What is your story and how did you start making music?
I have always been interested in music. My first exposure to music would have been when my parents would take me to church when I was little, but when I was 9, I was enrolled into the Edmonton Sabres Marching Band on the trumpet. We played tours across Alberta, and British Columbia. I continued with my passion in music by always singing and making up song lyrics when I would walk to school. In Junior high, I really wanted to be in a metal band, and so I started to learn the bass guitar. I quickly learned 4 strings was too little. My first music groups were garage rock, punk, and metal. In 2017, I was picked up by Kropp Hopper while hitch hiking back from an Amon Amrth show in Calgary. We got to talking, and he introduced me to the Smoked Out Battles AB league.

What are you working on now? Any future releases we can look forward to?
I currently have a lot of music in the works. I am working on a full length album with iCue, an EP with Tokey, and then my own full length solo album. I am working on building a list of contacts for a self marketed and promoted tour across Canada, and any possible sponsors willing to work with me. As well, I am in search of contacts in New Zealand, and it is a dream of mine to go on tour in the mother land.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal In The Music Industry?
I have a message in my music, and I want the world to hear it, and hopefully learn and grow from it. As well, my goal in the music industry is to be fully independent, self marketed and managed, and have the know how, understanding, and experience to help other underground artists to achieve their dream of success along side me.

What Has Been The Biggest Challenge In Your Career Thus Far?
My biggest challenge so far, aside from COVID, was trying to get my start in small town Lethbridge Alberta. There was no room for me to grow as an artist there, and ai had to move on to a bigger city to get where I wanted to be.

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it or what’s Your typical songwriting process?
I typically write to a beat that my producer sends me. I listen to it a few times, and then pick from a list of topics that I wanted to cover in my music, so that it best fits the vibe of the track. If the melody in the intro is strong enough, I write the hook first, but for the majority of tracks, I will have my verse written first. I must do this process alone as I cannot write properly with eyes and ears around.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
The internet has been an incredible platform for the reach of music. My music has reached most countries in the world, and it’s all thanks to Spotify and YouTube. The internet has been an incredible tool for underground artists like myself to become more known.

List some famous musicians currently on your playlist
My current playlist has a large variety of artists and genres. Some of these artists that ai frequent more regularly include:
Iron Maiden
Linkin Park
Sonata Arctic
Tom MacDonald
Ice Cube
Cannibal Corpse
Owl City, etc.

What Did You Do Before You Started Making Music?
I am still currently working during the days because COVID has made it hard to bring an income in for me, but I am currently in the business of landscaping and snow removal, which gives me lots of time to work on my music.

Would you have any advice for young people wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Posting your music to streaming isn’t enough. You have to market, market, market and share, share, share. Send every release to all your friends and supporters. Reach out to radio stations, playlists, and other artists. Hip Hop groups on Facebook is a great way to make friends with artists, and land yourself show spots, and your supports!

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?
I feel like the music industry should be more focused on underground artists, and getting them known, instead of finding your big hits, and keeping them big hits. There is so much quality music in the underground that will never be heard if the focus is always magnetic towards the next big million dollar artist.

How do you feel about originality?
Originality is important, but can be hard to achieve. Its important to always be faithful to yourself and who you are and in that you will find your own originality. It is achievable, but you just have to trust your instinct.

Is there anything else we should know about you? or Something that you would like to add?
In my 3 year music career, I have performed over 150 shows, including slots with Merkulese, Doom Squad, DTG, Lil Windex, Prada West, etc. I have an EP, a full album, and 1 single. I am frequently being compared musically to the likes of Tom Macdonald by my fans, friends, and colleagues.

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